Our campus

Over the years, the campus has grown into a safe haven for the children and students where they can go to school.

It encompasses a day care and kindergarten for the small children, a primary school, a secondary & vocational school, a medical centre with first aid, maternity and dental wards,  a dining hall and kitchen, a church, sports fields, dormitories arranged in circular compounds for the primary school children and dormitories for the students of the secondary & vocational school and several small houses for staff and volunteers.


To give children the prospect of self-reliance, good education is very important. That is why two schools have been realised on our campus in Uganda. The teachers are all Ugandans. The students are taught in English, the official language for schools in Uganda. In addition, the primary school also teaches 'Luganda', the language spoken in central Uganda

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Day Care & Kindergarten

The Samaritan Day Care & Kindergarten is a early learning centre for vulnerable and underprivileged children aged 6 months to 6 years. We would like to support their parents - often vulnerable young single mothers - by giving them the opportunity to work or undergo training while we care for their child during working - / school hours. 

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Health care

Originally, there was no medical practice, first aid post or clinic in the vicinity of the campus. In 1997 we opened a small clinic on campus grounds, which was expanded in later years. A doctor and a dentist hold daily consultations now, and midwives and nurses are available 24 hours a day for deliveries and first aid.

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