Samaritan Day Care & Kindergarten

In the Samaritan Day Care & Kindergarten (SAM) we take care of vulnerable and underprivileged children aged 6 months to 6 years. We develop each child's early educational and social skills within a healthy and stimulating environment in our purpose built facilities. Their parents - often vulnerable young single mothers - are given the opportunity to work or undergo training while we care for their child during the day.

Our day care centre provides individual care, healthy meals and a range of developmental activities tailored to the needs of each child, including educational games and early reading.

The kindergarten offers the same individual care whilst putting addition focus on preparing for the transition to primary school.

The support we provide to vulnerable young mothers and their children will help build them a healthy and stable family in which each member and both generations have the opportunity to develop and unlock their potential.

Read here our latest report about the developments at SAM.

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