Who we are

Who we are

Kinderhulp Afrika is a charitable organisation with a Christian identity that looks after orphans in Uganda. We aim to offer these orphans a hopeful future and we believe that we can truly make a difference in a child’s life!

We offer the children a safe environment and provide them with quality education so that they can have a promising future in Ugandan society. We want the children to grow up to become healthy, responsible, independent adults who can meet their own needs.

In 1987 the foundation first started helping orphans. Shortly afterwards, we bought land in Uganda, where we built the first facility. Since then, a complete campus that accommodates 865 children has been thoughtfully constructed. We provide the children with primary, secondary and vocational education, accommodation, meals and medical as well as spiritual care. Approximately 100 Ugandan employees help to care for the children and to provide a pleasant and safe living environment.

Each year we welcome a new group of orphans. These children are introduced by relatives or community members. After exploratory talks and background research, we take in 15 to 20 orphans each year. We also accept some fee paying children from the neighbourhood. These school fees help contribute to the quality of the school and the care for the orphans.

Many of the orphans have lost their parents to AIDS (HIV), malaria or other diseases. They literally arrive empty-handed. Kinderhulp Afrika finds sponsor parent, in the Netherlands, for every orphan, to help provide food, accommodation and education for the child, but also to build a relationship with them. In this way, the child will grow up with the knowledge that there is someone in the world who knows and loves them.

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