What we find important

What we believe is vitally important

Children need care, love and attention.

Children need care, love and attention. Even when there are no parents around to give this. We have summarised what is important to us in five core values. These core values form the basis of our work and we strive to center everything we do around them.

  • We are compassionate to the children and do everything we can to help them.
  • Maintaining the local culture is important for the development of the children. We provide education in accordance with local standards. In the holiday period, the pupils  go back to their guardians, throughout the whole country. At the executive organization in Uganda at the campus we solely employ local Ugandan staff, teachers, professionals and managers.

  • Self-reliance is our final goal for the individual child, as well as for the executive organisation in Uganda. We stimulate them to increase local Ugandan fundraising and entrepreneurship, in order to reduce the dependency on funding from abroad.

  • We are maximally involved with and fully dedicated to the care for the children in Uganda. Our commitment can truly make the difference in the life of a child!

  • The basis and the integrity of our work lies in our Christian identity

In addition to this Kinderhulp Afrika has an unpaid board of governors that regularly goes to Uganda for policy-making, budgeting and the planning of further developments. We value good employment practices.