Would you like to do an internship or involve yourself as a volunteer for our organization in Uganda?

Would you like to do an internship or involve yourself as a volunteer for our organisation in Uganda? We would be very happy with your help!


What can you do for the children?

In the period that you are with us, you naturally want to use it in a useful way. Below we have made an overview of possible activities.


  • Assisting in classes at primary, secondary and vocational schools
  • Guiding the children who have a learning disadvantage
  • Accompany learning to read (English)
  • Play, read aloud and give personal attention
  • Organize sports and games activities in the free time

In the clinic

  • Assisting and helping the medical team, helping with deliveries
  • Sharing knowledge, experience and practical help. Giving clinical lessons
  • Helping with office hours, treatments, weighing, vaccinating and administrative work
  • Administration of the medicines


  • Help in the kitchen by serving the meal to ± 800 children
  • Helping with the organization of various activities, such as parties, sports and games, dance performances
  • Initiating and supervising activities such as games and crafts
  • Plumbers, electricians, carpenters and painters etc. are very welcome!

Accomodation and transport


You stay in one of our guest accommodations on our premises. This cottage is fully equipped with kitchen, living room, bathroom with shower and bedrooms. You can also use the washing machine and (limited) wifi. If you want, you can join in on the project (simple local meals) but you can also cook yourself. A small supermarket and fruit and vegetable stalls are within walking distance of the project. About 15 minutes drive from the project are two different large luxury shopping centers with a large supermarket, drugstore, restaurant, cinema and various other shops.


Upon arrival in Uganda you will be picked up by one of our staff from the airport in Entebbe and taken to the project and your guest house. If you want to go somewhere during your stay, you can arrange this at the office there. They ask a driver to take you where you need to go for a small fee. You will receive the exact prices for this. On the day you return home, we will take you to the airport of Entebbe.

Dutch guidance

There is Dutch guidance (Mirjam) on site to guide you on your first day and help you on your way. If you need help or questions during your stay, you can contact her.


Our site is completely walled and guarded 24 hours a day.


  • Your at least 18 years of age unless accompanied by adults
  • We do not want you to stay alone on the project, so sign up with someone or ask us if there are multiple registrations in the period you want to come
  • Maximum stay 12 weeks
  • You have a good command of the English language
  • You can work well independently and you take initiatives yourself
  • There is no smoking, drug use or alcohol on the premises
  • During the school holidays the children go to their guardian. It is therefore important that you do not plan your trip during that period. Do not plan your trip in December & January, beginning until the end of May and not the end of August until mid-September. 

Protection of vulnerable children

With volunteers, trainees and others who regularly come into contact with children in Uganda we speak about behavioral aspects beforehand and a certificate of conduct is required for them as well. All Ugandan staff must sign the 'Child Protection Policy'. This document describes the rights of the children and the protection of their integrity both inside and outside of educational situations, as well as the sanctions policy for violations by different staff groups.


The cost of your stay depends on the number of nights you stay.
You book your ticket to Entebbe, with any airline you prefer.

For stays longer than 3 weeks:

The basic price you have to calculate with is € 250, -. For this we ensure that you are picked up and brought back to the airport and with this we pay Mirjam, the Dutch girl who will help you settle in. Your stay in the guesthouse is an additional € 10, - per person per night.

Calculation example: You go for example for 4 weeks to our project, the costs are € 250 + (28 nights x € 10, -) = € 530, -

For stays shorter than 3 weeks: 

For a stay shorter than 3 weeks you will pay € 15,- per person per night. It's also possible to arrange a pick up and drop off at the airport. The cost for this is € 80,- per car (round trip). This is a total per car for maximum 4 persons. So in case of traveling with 4 persons, the round trip to the airport will be € 20,- per person. If you come with more than 4 persons, we will arrange other transport. In that case, please contact us for more information.

Do you want to visit our project as a family with children? Then we make a separate calculation for you. Please contact us for this.

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