Football Field

The kids love to play football! There is a football field on site, but it is full of bumps and potholes. The drainage is also not good, so the field is wet and muddy when it rains a lot. This is not only difficult for the children to play football, but also creates dangerous situations. That is why we want to improve the football field in the short term and make it ready to play.

A safe football fieldWebsite - voetbal
We think it is important to give all children good opportunities to play sports. This is also the view of the Ugandan government. The most popular sport on our campus and in the surrounding area is football. Children of all ages, both boys and girls, enjoy playing football in their free time. That is why we want the football field to be playable and safe, so that the children can fully enjoy football.

Social function
The current football field is not only used by our own children, but also by children from the area. Our field is the only football field within a radius of 3 kilometers. It therefore has an important social function.

What is needed?
To improve the football field, a drainage system will be installed, a layer of gravel, and new grass will be added. Two new goals are also set. We look forward to seeing all the happy faces of the children! Will you help to prepare the football field for play?

The costs for improving the football field are € 8,000.

Will you help us fund this project? 

Donations can be made by
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