Visit the project

Visit the project

Are you a sponsor parent and would you like to meet your sponsor child? You are more than welcome to come and visit the campus!  

We have a guesthouse where you can stay. Check first with us for the availability of the dates you want to travel. 

Here you can find the costs for staying in the guesthouse.

Protection of vulnerable children

We meet all volunteers, trainees and others who regularly come into contact with children in Uganda to discuss all aspects of child behavior and child safety and they have to have a certificate of conduct before they are allowed to work with children. All Ugandan staff, volunteers and trainees must sign the 'Child Protection Policy'. This document describes the rights of the children and the protection of their integrity both inside and outside of educational situations, as well as the sanctions policy for violations by different staff groups.

* (A certificate of conduct (Verklaring Omtrent het Gedrag, VOG) is a document by which the Dutch State Secretary for Justice and Security declares that the applicant did not commit any criminal offences that are relevant to the performance of his or her duties. )