To Uganda for free

Would you like to Uganda for free?

Do you want to go to Children’s Welfare Mission in Uganda for free? 

Are you able to raise at least € 5000,-?
If this is the case, we will pay your ticket from Amsterdam Airport (max. € 500,-), and accommodation on our campus for 3 weeks!

What do you have to do?

We have a number of projects that will cost around € 5000,-.

  • We have a number of projects towards which you can contribute. Check with us!
  • We will help you by providing important information and flyers of our organization.
  • Think of a good fundraiser to raise the money and, if you dare, also visit companies to ask for a contribution.

Did you succeed? Great!

We will pay your flight from Amsterdam Airport (max. € 500,-) and your accommodation on our premises for 3 weeks! Do you want to stay longer? No problem, only you will have to pay the additional accommodation costs yourself.