Sponsor a child

Sponsor a child

You can help a child in a very personal way. For every orphan at our school, we search a sponsor parent.

You can help a child in a very personal way. For every orphan at our school, we search for a sponsor parent. By receiving school reports, pictures and drawings and by writing letters to ‘your’ child you can stay in touch and follow the child’s development. We see that this means a lot to the children to have a sponsor parent or family.

You can sponsor a child in the following ways:

  • For € 55,00 a month you finance the total care for a child.
  • For € 25,00 a month you can provide schooling for a child.
  • For € 30,00 a month you can provide housing, food and medical care.

If you choose to sponsor a child for €55,- a month, you will be this child’s only sponsor. If you sponsor a child for an amount of €30,-  or €25,- a month, we will search a second sponsor parent for the same child.

Click on one of the pictures below for more information about the children who are still without sponsors.


Ronald was born in 2010. Ronald started school when he was 4 years old, but when he was 6 years old his mother died of hepatitis B. and he was taken out of school. The following year, his father also died from the same disease. His brother is a motorcycle courier, with his earnings he supports the family.

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Precious was born in 2011. Precious lived a normal life until her father had a heart attack in 2015 and sadly died as a consequence.  Precious lived with her mother in a rental house. When the owner wanted to receive his rent, her mother couldn't afford i tand they were evicted from the house.

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Tito was born in 2009. When he was born, his parents found out they were both HIV positive. They blamed each other for the disease and this eventually led to a divorce. Tito and his older brother continued to live with their father. He was a carpenter. In 2015, he developed lung problems, which led to tuberculosis.

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