Sponsor a child

By sponsoring a child, you can help a child in a very personal way. For every orphan that is accepted into our school, we try to find sponsor parents. You will be informed about ‘your’ child’s progress through school reports, pictures and letters that they will write you. You will also have the possibilities to write letters to the child. We have noticed that having a sponsor parent means a lot to the children.

You can support a child in the following ways:

  • for Euro 55,00 a month, you can give full care and education to a child..
  • for Euro 30,00 a month you can make sure a child receives accommodation, food and medical care.
  • for Euro 25,00 a month, you can offer a child receives proper education.

In case you choose to sponsor a child for € 55,- a month, you will be this child’s only sponsor parents.
If you choose to sponsor a child for € 30,- or € 25,- a month, we will find a second sponsor parent for the same child. But unlike other organisations, we will not search more sponsoring for one child.

To sponsor a child, click one of the pictures below.

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