Solar Outdoor Lighting

Solar Outdoor Lighting

Energy prices are skyrocketing! Still, we see opportunities. The sun shines every day in Uganda! That is why we want to invest in solar devices and solar panels on our campus. We are also looking at other options for saving energy by replacing equipment. Our goal: save 30% on energy costs! 


A first step: 25 solar lampposts
A first energy project has been completed. 25 solar lampposts have been replaced by 75 lampposts. This results in savings of no less than € 2,500 per year!

Another 25 solar lampposts needed
The first 25 lampposts illuminate half of our site. In order to illuminate the entire site, another 25 solar lampposts must be installed. We can leave the lampposts on at night. This is important to ensure the safety of our children. With the installation of 25 new solar lampposts we will save another € 2,500 on our energy bill.

Your gift for the solar project
Will you help to install 25 solar lampposts? You can make a donation via the button below.

Costs for the project are € 5,061.

Will you help us fund this project? 

Donations can be made by
- clicking the button giving you the option to donate by credit card
- sending your gift through this Global Giving link
- bank transfer to IBAN NL43 INGB 000 000 5066 for the attention of Stichting Kinderhulp Afrika