Solar Outdoor Lighting

Solar Outdoor Lighting

More than 1000 children now attend school on our campus in Uganda, divided over primary, secondary and vocational schools. They also live and sleep with us. The total walled area is three hectares of land. In addition to the schools and sleeping accommodation, the campus also includes a clinic, a church, a kitchen and a dining hall.
The safety of the children on campus has the highest priority. Good security lighting in the evening and at night is indispensable.

Current situation
The exorbitantly high energy prices almost compel us to turn off the night lighting, but this would be irresponsible. The night lighting is necessary for security, among other things. The walled site is currently lit by 75 lampposts. These burn 12 hours a night from 7 pm to 7 am. To avoid high energy costs, we ask for help to replace the night lighting with solar lampposts to ensure the safety of our children and to reduce costs with more than € 200 per month.

The project

Excerpts (5)What will be done in concrete terms?
The current 75 lampposts will be replaced by 25 solar lampposts. The new lampposts are higher and provide brighter light, which means fewer posts are needed. A test has already been carried out with a solar lamppost to see whether this is satisfactory. The right pole has now been found to provide the project with good lighting.

Who and how many people will benefit directly from this?
All more than 1000 students at the schools, the 100 Ugandan staff who work and largely live on the site benefit from this.

What will be the long-term effect on the target group after completion of the project?
There will be enhanced outdoor security lighting, enhancing campus security and significantly improving nighttime visibility. There will also be a saving of approximately € 2500,- per year in electricity costs.


Total costs for 25 solar lampposts including installation: € 5.061,-

Will you help us fund this project? 

Donations can be made by
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