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Adjusting school furniture due to COVID-19

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After almost 2 years of closure the schools in Uganda were finally allowed to reopen in January 2022. The pandemic has caused the country to be in lockdown for a long time. In fact the school closure in Uganda was the longest in the world, 83 weeks. 

Current situation
The reopening of the schools was is accompanied by a  number of new rules and regulations. One of the conditions is that each child must have his own desk. A large number of the classes have this already, but not all. They share desks with 2 or 3 other students.  We therefore need to make 170 new “single desks” at very short notice.

The project

Klas met single seatersWhat will be done in concrete terms?
A "single desk unit" consists of a desk and chair in one. This furniture is handmade from wood, is very sturdy and lasts for years.

Who and how many people will directly benefit from this?
The 170 pupils of the primary school who still share their desks with each other.

What will be the long-term effect on the target group after completion of the project?
The purchase of these single desk units is of great importance to  be able to meet the conditions of the Ugandan government. In addition, by sitting separately from each other, the students can also keep a better distance from each other and thus prevent them from infecting each other with Covid-19 and other infectious diseases.  Thus preventing possible outbreaks of sickness at the school and the children having to be absent from lessons. 
Single Seaters  (1200 x 300 px) (3)

Will you help us fund this project? 

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