How can we help as a school?

We have developed a special school guide for primary schools. This makes it easy for teachers to organise a project week at a primary school. The school guide contains fun games and interesting assignments, a PowerPoint presentation and a video. It is also possible to communicate interactively with the pupils in Uganda!


The good thing about the school guide is that it teaches children to contribute to the lives other children who are less fortunate. The money raised will be spent on one of our projects on the campus in Uganda. Of course we can decide on a specific project together.


Possible projects are:

  • New shoes for the children € 3000, -
  • New school uniforms € 2000, -
  • Soccer shoes € 750, -
  • New footballs, basketballs, softballs and volleyballs € 500, -
  • New sound system € 2500, -
  • Musical instruments (tambourines / drums) € 500, -
  • New underwear € 500, -
  • Books for the library, various amounts


We will send pictures of the results after receiving your donation, so that your students can see how they contributed to the lives of the children in Uganda.


If you want to know more about this learning guide, please contact us.