Regular donations

If you donate to Kinderhulp Afrika regularly, you can increase the benefit of your donation.

This applies only if you are subjected to Dutch Income Tax. 

How can you give more money to Kinderhulp Afrika with the same amount?

You can do this by registering a tax deduction for regular donations. This will not cost you anything, but it gives us the opportunity to take care of more children.


Let’s suppose you have a taxable income of € 40,000 per year and you donate € 25 to Kinderhulp Afrika every month, that's € 300, - per year. This is less than the threshold of 1% used by the tax authorities and therefore your gift is not tax deductible. However, it becomes tax deductible if you register the donation as an intended regular donations.

Even if you exceed the upper limit of 10% of your taxable income, you can still deduct the full donation via a regular donation. A regular donation has a term of at least 5 years, and pay the amount in monthly or quarterly instalments.

Since January 2014, it is possible to register a regular donation via a 'private donation agreement'. The intervention of a notary is no longer necessary.

Click here to download the donation agreement (this document is in Dutch)

If you would like to use this 'private donation agreement', print the forms and fill in your details. You can send the form, completed and signed, to us (Postbus 70, 1430 AB Aalsmeer). We will return the signed copy.

Would you like to receive more information? Or do you have any questions about this? Please contact us via the e-mail address