Uitbreiden bibliotheek


300 books and 100 study places needed
Nearly 700 students attend our secondary school. The school has a library and study area. The library and study area are very important for the students. In Uganda, students do not have their own books for every subject. They use these from the library and study in the study room. To provide all students with good education, 300 new textbooks are currently needed. Because the number of students has grown, another 100 extra study places are needed in the study area.Boeken

The preparation
The preparatory work has already been done in Uganda. A book list has been made with titles required for the library. A drawing has also been made of the extra study places. Both the books and the study places are purchased from local companies.

Good education
Our goal is to give all students a good education. Sufficient textbooks and study places are therefore essential. It gives all students the opportunity to absorb the subject matter and to prepare well for exams. The teachers will also benefit from the books to be purchased, because in this way they can prepare well for the lessons.

The total costs for 300 books and 100 study places are € 9,774.

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