What can I do as a company?

Companies can support the work of Kinderhulp Afrika. A great way to be socially involved and make a difference in the lives of children.


1. Become a partner

Partners support Kinderhulp Afrika for five years for a minimum of € 1,000 per year. With your contribution you guarantee continuity to provide children with care and education.

2. Support a project 

As a company, you can also support a project. Look below for the possibilities.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilties. 


Salary of a teacher | € 1,500

Our teachers are indispensable! They are an important link in a child's future. Every day 1000 children go to school on our campus. There is a primary school and a secondary school with vocational training. This lasts three years. Children specialize in woodworking, bricklaying, sewing, catering or electricity & solar technology. The annual salary of a teacher is € 1,500.

Material electricity & solar technology | € 5,000

More and more children are following vocational training in electricity and solar technology. A good education with perspective. During the study, the children also receive practical teaching. Material is needed for this. The annual cost of the material is € 5,000.

Study for a child | € 6,000

All our children attend primary and secondary school. Unfortunately, children who can learn well cannot always continue their studies. The costs of university studies are high. That is why we have set up a study fund to give them a chance. Training to become a doctor or equivalent study is € 6,000 in total.

Football field | € 8,000

The kids love to play soccer! There is a football field on site, but it is full of bumps and holes. The drainage is also not good and the goals and lines are missing. € 8,000 is needed to make the field ready for play. We also want to build a second football field. This will have an important social function for children from the area.

Salary 'fathers' and 'mothers' | € 15,000

A number of 'fathers' and 'mothers' live on our campus and take care of our children. They are a listening ear, provide structure and give the children the love and attention they so desperately need. The total annual salary of all 'fathers' and 'mothers' is € 15,000.

An ambulance for our clinic | € 25,000

An ambulance is urgently needed for our clinic. Unfortunately, the ambulance we had is total loss. In case of an emergency, we now drive with a car to the nearest hospital in 50 minutes. With an ambulance, it is only 15 minutes. As long as we don't have an ambulance, it will cost human lives!