Organisation & Policies

Organisation & Policies

Kinderhulp Afrika is a Public Benefit Organisation which operates in Uganda under the name Children’s Welfare Mission.

Contact and address details

Stichting Kinderhulp Afrika
Van Cleeffkade 15
1431 BA Aalsmeer
The Netherlands

Telephone: 0297 348552
Fiscal number RSIN: 008584606

Composition board of governors

The board aims to keep the foundation prepared for the future. The Dutch board consists of:

  • Chairman: Xander Rijken
  • Secretary and deputy Treasurer: Vincent Leighton
  • General member: Arjan van der Kraan

  • Project Manager: Bert Hoving
  • Founder: Mathijs Piet

Remuneration policy

The board members perform their duties on a voluntary basis.


In Uganda we have over 90 employees at Children's Welfare Mission. These are all Ugandans.

  • Executive director: Mr. Eric Sempa
  • Head of High School: Mr. Francis Awee
  • Head of Primary School: Mr. Joshua Osiya
  • Head Childcare: Mrs. Maria Sempa
  • Head clinic: Mrs. Esther Mwanje 
  • Pastor: Mr. Eric Sempa


Kinderhulp Afrika has as goals:

a. to help and support orphans in Uganda
b. to provide information to the Dutch population about the needs in Africa
c. to perform all the additional acts which, in the broadest sense, are connected to or are advantageous to the aforementioned.

Protection of vulnerable children

We meet all volunteers, trainees and others who regularly come into contact with children in Uganda to discuss all aspects of child behavior and child safety and they have to have a certificate of conduct before they are allowed to work with children. All Ugandan staff, volunteers and trainees must sign the 'Child Protection Policy'. This document describes the rights of the children and the protection of their integrity both inside and outside of educational situations, as well as the sanctions policy for violations by different staff groups.

Methods of fundraising

Our methods of fundraising include sponsorship of orphans, general donations, distribution of newsletters, social media information, and specific campaigns at schools or in businesses. We also submit projects to various trust funds. (crowd funding/project based activities.)

Every donation is welcome! Kinderhulp Afrika runs solely on donations and we are grateful for all the support we receive.

Important Documents (Dutch)

(English translations can be requested from the office)

Policy Plan

Report of conducted activities

Financial reporting and annual reports


Fraud protocol

Privacy Statement