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Our adventure in Uganda

5 maart 2019 om 12:39 door Xander Rijken 0 reacties

We have been away from home for two months and it still feels like we have just started our journey. But alas ... the end comes dangerously fast.
We have been away from home for two months and it still feels like we have just started our journey. But alas ... the end comes dangerously fast.

 November 30 ends the school year for the children and they will leave for their home base. Sharon and I will wave the children at the gate crying. Not really crying of course. Okay. With every song in the church, the tears are already in my eyes and when I have my ears and there is a sad song with a sticky text, the tears also flow maximally over my cheeks. Very exaggerated, but really true. I find it terrible to have to leave this nice and loving place. And also the idea that there are children who go back to a home base where it is not so nice for them. A process of letting go of which I was prepared. But what I'm only just beginning and where I'm going to get very heavy with it.

 Fortunately, happy, very happy, we were able to give the children an unforgettable week. Now that I write this blog, I have also been completely demolished. But unbelievable. What a satisfaction I get here.

 Sharon came to get us out of the classes. She had a very crazy, insanely impulsive idea. Entebbe Zoo. We organize a school trip to the zoo for all our classes. Fortunately for her, we were all immediately enthusiastic. All mzungu's have bundled their energy and with 8 of us we have organized the entire trip within 4 days. Buses, food, drinks, entrance, guidance, everything that comes with it. What made it even more special was that Floor, Mirjam and Sharon managed to attract so many sponsors. The entire school trip has been financed here. For everyone who helped us with this, WOW !! Thank you incredibly. Not only on our behalf, but also on behalf of the children. On Tuesday we went to the zoo and everything ran smoothly. The children had a big smile on their face from the morning until the end of the day. For many children it was the first time that they were in a zoo. That was already great for them. But also the trip to Entebbe was great. The children's eyes almost fell out. With the nose against the window, the environment was full of wonder.
 At the zoo we received a guide that the children and us have told us a lot. This made it even more interesting and fun for the children. And as icing on the cake there was a big bouncy cushion for the children in the playground, where they have spent more than an hour after we had seen the animals. Not only for the kids, but also for us an unforgettable day.

 When we arrived at the project again we chatted. And after a lot of nice things of the day, there was still a topic on the table that hit us all. Just think about your own school trip from the past. When we arrived at school after the holiday, someone was waiting to take us home, to whom we could share all our enthusiastic stories and someone who gave us the peace you needed after such a day. Just warmth and love. Not more than that.
 The children here are immediately in rhythm again when they get off the bus. They must first get food quickly. After dinner, all their clothes have to be washed and then they are expected to dance and sing in the church. Nobody wants to listen to what the children have experienced.
 "Just" warmth and love. "Just ...." What can make me angry and sad about the fact that it sounds so normal to me. With tears in the eyes and a lump in the throat, it came to us anyway. Special and sad at the same time, that these children must be so strong.


Not only the zoo was a big party last week. We also organized a big sports day as the last real school day. Credits for this great day are organisationally for Mirjam, but still. We have done it all together again. Not only have all the people in our house helped. There were also a lot of volunteers from the other Doingoood house in Kampala who wanted to help us. And oohhhhh what have I enjoyed. We enjoyed. We had games like nail poops, potato race, sack race, tug of war, water relay, bowling and sweets. Many games the children had never done before. At every game there was an enthusiastic volunteer to make the teams fanatical. I had a good laugh, especially during sacking and at the nail poops. What a hilarity and again, what a happy faces and what a lot of laughter. In the morning we had the superstructure and in the afternoon we had the substructure. After this long and successful day, we all went out for dinner to close the day.

In the past weekends, in addition to the great work at school, we were also allowed to do something for ourselves. Last weekend we traveled to an excursion to



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