Yes, I would like to sponsor Jeremiah


JeremiahJeremiah was born in 2009. His mother was still a teenager in high school at the time. The father disappeared after realizing he had impregnated someone's daughter and never came to acknowledge that he is the father. Jeremiah has lived with his maternal grandparents all his life and that is where he is at home. His mother developed a mental illness and is in and out of the hospital a lot. The grandparents have paid Jeremiah's school fees, but now their lives are weighed down by illness. The grandfather cannot move his legs without extra support and the grandmother can barely hear. We want to help Jeremiah go to school, which is why he is now in the 4th grade of primary school. He is a smart boy and wants to become a doctor when he grows up.

Yes I will sponsor Jeremiah

Jeremiah already has a sponsor for € 25,-. You can sponsor him for € 30,- per month.