Kinderhulp Afrika is an organisation for the public benefit.
Below is a list of the compulsory information items:

Name, contacts and Fiscal Code
Stichting Kinderhulp Afrika
Van Cleeffkade 15
1431 BA Aalsmeer

Phone: +31 0297 348552

Fiscal Code RSIN: 008584606

The foundation’s goal is to raise funds out of compassion, and to use these funds to provide social support to people in need and in underprivileged situations. The foundation mainly aims to achieve her goal by raising funds for the work of Children’s Welfare Mission, for the benefit of orphans in Uganda.

Policy statement
The vision of our organisation is stated in a policy statement. You can read this policy statement here. (This document is in Dutch)

Board of Directors
Dhr. M. Piet                           Chairman
Dhr. J.A. Faas                       Secretary
Dhr. G.J. van Leeuwen       Treasurer
Dhr. A.J. van der Kraan      General Board Member
Dhr. A.J. Hansen                  General Board Member
Dhr. A.V. Rijken                    General Board Member

Payment Policy
All board members perform their tasks voluntarily.

Report of accomplishments
Kinderhulp Afrika already exists for over 25 years and has accomplished a lot. A report of all the significant activities can be found here.

Financial Accountability
Our annual report including consolidated financial statements can be read here (this document is in Dutch). An overview of our finances of the past 5 years can be found on the website of the Dutch ‘Centraal Bureau Fondswerving’ (CBF).

Fraud prevention protocol
Preventing fraud and dealing with it in case it occurs, is very important to Kinderhulp Afrika. Through this fraud protocol we inform you about the policy that Kinderhulp Afrika follows when potential fraud is observed. (This document is in Dutch)

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