Secondary and Vocational School

Middelbare schoolThis secondary school started in 2000. It is a combination of a secondary school and a vocational school. About 500 children study at our school. About one quarter of the students are the orphans who have also studied at our primary school, while the others are children from the surrounding villages and regions, whose parents pay school fees. As it is a boarding, also these paying students sleep and live on our compound during the school terms. Because of the good education that our schools offer, we can prepare the children for a better future. Some few students can even continue their education at the university of Kampala. Most of them however, are supported for 2 to 3 years of vocational study, specialising for example in carpentry, bricklaying, computer skills, tailoring or electrical engineering.

Our school consists of 18 classrooms, a library and an office. Some of the classrooms have been designed as practical rooms, like one sheltered construction site where the bricklaying course is taught.

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