Primary School

Basisschool To give children a promising future, good education is key. Therefore in 1993, we opened the ‘Samaritan Primary School’. Every year, a new group of orphans is welcomed. These children are brought to us by the extended family or neighbours. After thorough interviews and research into their backgrounds, 20 to 30 children are accepted. Many children have lost their parents to Aids, and arrive empty handed. Kinderhulp Afrika finds a sponsor parent for every child, to cover the costs of nutrition, accommodation and education.

The primary school consists of seven classes. All the teachers are from Uganda. Because the children come in with different backgrounds and levels of education, the classes are composed by looking at each child’s educational level as opposed to their age. Via national exams at the end of every year, the children will pass to a next class. The lessons are taught in English, because this is Uganda’s official language, although most Ugandans also speak at least one of the many different African tribal languages. By the end of primary school, the children can continue their education at our secondary and vocational school.

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